About MaFacturation

MaFacturation is an online invoicing and quote tool for businesses and freelancers that allows you to create quotes and invoices that suit you.

MaFacturation, was created and developed by RETINENS, a multimedia agency based in Liège, Belgium.

With our experience in the development of web applications and needing a tool for billing, we have developed a first version intended for internal use. The tool was very simple and allowed us to create our quotes online and generate PDFs.

v1 of MaFacturation

In discussions with our freelance and small business customers, we realized that they also expressed the need for a simple online invoicing tool. We have decided to make our tool available to as many people as possible.

We then improved it, adding features according to our needs and tested and used it internally for almost two years.

Among the improvements and features we have made:

MaFacturation is not frozen in its current state, however, we continue to use it, and add features to it.

We hope you like MaFacturation because we built it for you!

Contact us if you have any questions, concerns or even ideas to further improve our online invoicing and quoting software.

MaFacturation is an online tool for freelancers and companies in Belgium that allows you to create quotes and invoices that suit you.